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iPager - emergency firepager!

0.99 usd

Bother your Friends with this set of pager sounds, and let them think you've got an real incident!You will love, scaring your friends, with over 60 realistic sounding fire pager tones!It's real fun on every firestation, give it a try!
But beware: This app doesn't replace your real firepager!
The following sounds are included:o Motorola BMDo Motorola PageBoy IIo Motorola Skyfireo Motorola Minitor Vo Motorola Firestorm IIIo Swissphone Quattroo Swissphone Memoo Swissphone Patrono Swissphone BOSSo BOSCH FME 84o BOSCH FME 88o AEG Telesignal 80o FME SEL 287o Niros Pagebos 2000o Eurobos Zeuso Oelmann LX 4o Oelmann Viper LX 8o Firesiren
A MUST-HAVE App, for everyone, working as a fireman, EMT, paramedic or police officer!